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Second-Hand Buys - Private Sale VS Dealer

Posted by All Boats and Caravans on Jul 11, 2019 10:50:46 AM
Buying a second-hand boat or caravan can be a gamble, depending on where you buy it from. Unfortunately some people still believe they will pay more to buy a boat or caravan through a dealer than from someone's front lawn, which isn't the case anymore.

Nowadays, with the aid of the internet, market values are more transparent than ever and cannot be fluffed with.

Therefore more, but not all boat and caravan dealers have become more scrupulous.

Things have changed and while most dealers agree and accept true valuations, it's the private sellers who are asking more than what their boat or caravan is worth, or at the very least the same as the dealer.

This is because private sellers believed their boats or caravans are worth more, or they should be entitled to the full retail price.

Once you have a look at the pros and cons, you have to ask yourself why would you want to play Russian roulette on someone's front lawn.

Buyers have to weigh up the pros and cons of buying privately. 

The only pro is the possibility that a private seller doesn't know the true value and the buyer may get a bargain!

But the cons far outweighed that. Common cons we come across from people who have been previously burnt in a private sale are (but, not limited to):

  • Something is wrong with the boat or caravan which cannot be identified in such a short time of inspection;
  • No legal comeback if there is a major failure;
  • Boat or caravan could still be encumbered with debt owing to a finance company;
  • Item can be part-owned by someone else (brother, wife etc.) who is unaware the other owner has sold it;
  • Item could of been stolen;
  • And the seller wants more than what it's truly worth and is hoping for a novice buyer.

There are many pros of buying from a dealer such as (but, not limited to):

  • The dealer has a Duty of Care that the item must be fit for the purpose it's being sold for regardless if it comes with a warranty or not;
  • Unencumbered piece of mind;
  • Not stolen or part owner being unaware of its sale;
  • And paying true market value.
Whilst we may have enlighted the public regarding private sales as opposed to dealers, there is still a variance with the dealers themselves.

That is some offer no more than the private seller while others go that extra mile.

We, All Boats & Caravans offer far more than any other dealer because boat motors come with a warranty, hulls are guaranteed structurally sound and leak free while trailers assured to be road worthy.

Our caravans are also guaranteed to be structurally sound, road worthy and leak free.

Having our own workshop means that we're liable, so, we do a thorough check on each boat or van before handing it over to the new owner.

Another advantage of buying through us, All Boats & Caravans was that it is guaranteed everything is in good working order at the time of hand over. This relates to all accessories and options that are fitted to the unit from TVs through to the wheel bearings. 

Another huge bonus is that our prices include all transfers and stamp duties.

You also get a thorough handover when picking up your boat or caravan so you are very comfortable and confident when you tow it away.

So, for a few extra minutes when Googling your potential boat or caravan, make sure you surf the All Boats & Caravans website to see if we have what you're looking for, and if we don't, let us know because it's a very common occurence that we get something that is highly sought after in and it's sold before we've even been able to list it online!

We have a team of four dedicated salesmen who have a list of people they contact the moment something arrives so if you are after something - contact us and get on the list today to buy it before it's too late!

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