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Surtees Demo Day - 8th September 2019

Posted by All Boats and Caravans on Sep 2, 2019 9:45:31 AM

Surtees Demo DAy


All Boats & Caravans have organised this obligation-free demo day for genuine fisherman who want to experience the difference a Surtees has over the competition.

Surtees have been producing one of the worlds strongest, safest and softest riding aluminium fishing boats for almost 30 years.

Anyone who has met Neil Surtees or had the privileged to wander through his museum of personally restored vintage and custom-built collection of cars, motorbikes, boats and caravans would understand why a Surtees boat is packed full of IQ.

Surtees has enhanced time-honoured ways to develop what is arguably the safest, best performing range of fishing boats on the water.

“We like to call this inventive streak, Surtees IQ, or SiQ™ for short”, said Neil Surtees.

SiQ™ ensures that Surtees stays well ahead of the competition by continuing to improve, fine-tune and innovate, which begs the question, why would you settle for a boat with a lower IQ?

Surtees IQ™ is the difference!

Anti-Roll:  An ingenious ballast system! 
As the boat comes to rest, the ballast tank fills with water so the result is maximum stability, while also slowing down the drift for non-anchor fishing. The Surtees Shut Off Gate can be sealed when full to retain the water ballast to give you an even smoother ride home in extremely rough conditions.

Safety Buoyancy:  Airtight floatation compartments!
Two fully sealed buoyance chambers run underneath the deck on both sides of the hull which are pressure tested giving you complete confidence.

Tough Deck: One of the toughest hull designs in the world!
The Surtees design feature is Non-Flexing by using six welded under -floor stringers that run the length of the hull. This system is renowned for its superior strength and durability and is a registered Trademarked by Surtees.

Razortech:  Unbelievably Smooth Riding Hull!
The super smooth ride is the result of a very fine-entry hull, variable from 15 to 20 degrees deadrise at the stern (depending on the length of the hull), allowing you to cut effortlessly through choppy water. Even in the toughest conditions you’re able to hold course with ease, without broaching or pounding, and you won’t believe just how quiet they ride until you try one!

Quik-Hitch: Effortless one man launching & retrieving!
Surtees ‘Quik-Hitch’™ trailer catch system allows easy drive on/off, where you don’t even have to wet your feet.

10-year Warranty: Worldwide Hull Warranty!
Surtees Boats have never compromised on structural hull integrity; they are built to last.
Hence their industry leading Worldwide 10-year Warranty

“Legends aren’t born, they’re built by Surtees!"

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